Mid Week check-in

Monday was an “off” day for me. I came home and DID NOT want to exercise. But I talked myself into doing at least the first 20 minutes of the insanity workout – I ended up doing the whole thing! I took a lot breaks, but I made it to the end. I felt so good!

On Tuesday I has unexpected dinner plans – I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in 6 years! I moved to a new city 5 years ago and we lost touch. Turns out she now lives in the same city as me, and in the same neighbourhood. It was great meeting up with her. We ate, drank and chatted for 4 hours. I got home at 10 PM and just crashed.

Yesterday I was a Zombie. Everything ached. I got into my workout gear – started the warm up and instantly felt nauseous.  So I stopped, showered, ate dinner and caught up on some Walking Dead. I figure if I feel like a Zombie – why not watch them on TV.

Work is getting busier and busier, but I have managed to buy some Christmas gifts on my lunch hour. It feels good to get a head start. Tonight we are going to meet with a realtor – if we like her we will sign with her and start our house/condo hunting. I am excited! (and anxious)


Sunday, Prepday

This morning I did the Insanity Pure Cardio workout. Well the first 25 minutes of it. I get so tired about 20-25 minutes in that I have trouble keeping good form. I hope my stamina starts to improve with time. Then we went out for brunch with a friend before going grocery shopping. Grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon is a BAD idea, the lines were so long and it wasn’t fun.

We usually reserve Sunday afternoon to prepping our meals for the week to come, by making 2 big dishes. One dish usually covers our lunches from Mon – Wed and the other one serves as our dinners.  By mid-week – we get “creative” (read: eggs, French toast) with our meals because we’ve run out of food.

We are trying to eat less meat, but when we do we buy local and organic. It’s $$ but we still manage (for the most part) to respect our grocery budget.  This week we bought a chicken, which we are going to roast. And for the side we are making Root Vegetable Mash.

The other dish we are going to prepare for our lunches is Giada’s Turkey, Kale and Brown Rice Soup. I am going to replace the turkey with quinoa. I have SOO much brown rice that I need to find new and interesting ways to use it.

As for exercise – it’s been 2 weeks since I started doing the insanity workout. My gym membership has expired and frankly I don’t want to shell out 500$ to renew it – at least not right now. We are sitting on a mountain of wedding debt and with Christmas around the corner, I am trying to put any extra $$ towards paying it down. Also I hope we will move out in the next 6 months and I doubt we’ll be staying in this neighborhood. That being said it takes an extra kind of motivation to workout at home. At least when I go the gym, the teacher motivates me to keep going. So this is my workout plan. I am writing it down in hopes that this simple act will hold me accountable:

  • Monday – Insanity – Pure Cardio
  • Tuesday – Insanity – Core Cardio Balance
  • Wednesday – Cardio – Recovery
  • Thursday – Cardio – Abs

I also want to squeeze in a bit of Christmas shopping on my lunch hours, although given my workload that might be a bit ambitious. 


Flubby? No. Try Fabulous!

I am feeling blah tonight and for the past 48 hours my thoughts have been so negative. I feel tired, out of shape and flubby – is flubby a word? I am being really hard on myself and I need to SHUT IT DOWN.  So here is some positive talk:

  • I did some form of exercise EVERY day this week.
  • Although I have yet to complete an entire insanity workout, I am still getting a good 20-25 minute cardio session in each night. They don’t call it INSANITY for nothing.
  • I pre-planned about 40% of my meals this week – that’s 40% more than I have in the past.
  • I started my holiday shopping and bought 3 small gifts.

I went shopping on my lunch hour. Lots of Canadian stores were having Black Friday deals so I thought I would check some out. I anticipated huge crowds, but instead I was greeted with this…


When i got home from work, I did a quick workout then I had a WINTER salad for dinner. Yellow beets, feta, tangerine slices, mint, lettuce, sauteed onions, olives, hot pepper infused olive oil…so yummy!



Well on that note, time to go chill out and let go of the negative thoughts. Tomorrow will be a better, more fabulous day. 

My day, cancelled but not lost.

So as usual I got all stressed out about a presentation I had to make in French and over prepared.  And I mean OVERPREPARED, I memorized the whole thing. As I am sitting in the videoconference room waiting for the meeting to start I get an email saying it’s been cancelled. Since I was sitting in for my boss who was unavailable today, I likely won’t be needed when they do reschedule.


But my day picked up when I met my old boss for lunch. We hit this diner I’ve wanted to go to forever. I ordered the slow roasted pork loin, avocado, tomato, chipotle mayo on sourdough with a side of home fries. It was delish. I didn’t take a picture, but it was a huge portion of food. I ate it all. I followed it up with a cappuccino because otherwise I would have fallen asleep through my next meeting. I power walked – in heels – back to the office (20 minutes) only to find out my afternoon meeting was also cancelled. Lovely.

I came home and attempted to do another insanity workout – the max interval! This workout is seriously out of my leagues. I completed 35 of the 60 minutes.  And the last 10 minutes were not pretty. I keep reminding myself that I only started it last week. I will get better. Right?

Dinner was eggs, potatoes, a slice of toast and a clementine. Uninspired – and it’s only midweek.

I am a bit jealous (and happy) for my American friends who get to celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend. On that note, and though I want to keep certain parts of my life out of this blog, I do want to mention that despite hiccups, annoyances and daily frustrations I am incredibly grateful for everything that I have; my life, my family, my husband, my health, my job. A very kind, gentle, generous and hard working man passed away today, I am grateful that his family was by his side when it happened. A reminder to never take anything for granted and to embrace each day. Life is short. Every once in awhile take a moment to pause and take it all in. 

Tea For One

I have a little unexpected alone time this evening. Sometimes it’s nice to be by yourself. The TV is off, music is playing, tea is brewing…I’m happy J

I came home and immediately did a 20-minute cardio ab workout. It was short but intense.

I warmed up one of my meatless lentil burgers and paired it with a salad. I can’t take credit for the salad, J made it. It’s shredded yellow beets with pear, feta, mint and some other goodies. I should ask him for the recipe so I can post it here. I was still hungry afterwards so I had two protein balls. Yay for pre-planning my meals. Also my iphone camera sucks.

I bought so much brown rice last weekend. I was thinking of trying this raisin and spice brown rice recipe – only I would skip the raisins

I also came across this recipe for Root Vegetable Mash on the Frugal Feeding blog. Both recipes look like pretty straightforward side dishes that I could easily tackle.

It’s been about two weeks since I started actually thinking about what I am putting in my body and I am feeling a bit better. I still feel lethargic in the morning, but I am a bit more alert a work – thought at times still very distracted.

I am trying to relax because I have a big presentation tomorrow. Normally I don’t get too freaked out but I have to do it in French and that always makes me nervous.

Tea time.

Goodbye cookies & milk, Hello protein balls

I was on some kind of cooking high yesterday. After cleaning the kitchen and calling it a day I decided to go back and try my own version of fitnessista’s AmazeBallz. I stumbled upon Gina’s blog a couple weeks ago and she has a lot of great recipes. If you haven’t already – check it out.

My version of protein balls

½ cup of almond butter

Organic, gluten-free dark chocolate chips (wow these are $$)

1 tbsp. of organic, raw honey

½ cup of old fashioned olds

2 tbsp. of wheat germ

2 handfuls of Kashi® Whole Wheat Biscuits cereal (crumbled)

Cinnamon Harvest

2 tbsp. of bran

1 tbsp. of ground flaxseed

2 tbsp. of vanilla extract

1 tbsp. of pure maple syrup

Mix everything in a bowl. I used a wooden spoon for about 30 seconds before switching to my hands. If I was making a bigger batch I would have used my mixer. Roll mixture into small balls. I put mine in the freezer overnight and this morning transferred them to the fridge. and voila!

Eli's Protein Balls

Personally I found them too sweet. I could only eat one. I added the maple syrup because they weren’t sticking together, but I should have just added more almond butter. Also next time I’ll skip the vanilla extract. Aside from that they are really good. I crave sweets after dinner. Normally I have cookies and milk – like Every. Single. Night – I think this will be a good alternative.

I am super excited because I received notifications that people are actually reading my blog! For some reason I did not expect this to happen, at least not this quickly. So a question to “my readers” J do you have a protein ball recipe that you like? If you do, please share it. And of you try this one – let me know if you like it.

Lovely Sunday.

I finally made the meatless lentil burgers from this clean eating recipe



I decided to use the red lentils I had at home so I knew ahead of time by burgers would come out a little different. This is what mine looked liked. Image

Overall they tasted a lot better than they looked, but if I ever make this recipe again I will use green or brown lentils. I would also make the patties thinner and brown them longer. I think the extra crunch would go a long way in improving the texture. I ate 2 for lunch with a side salad and it hit the spot  – especially after my morning workout.

Now we are making some home made chicken soup. yum! And I’ve also treated myself to a nice hot coco. It’s 4PM on Sunday and we still need to finish our thank you cards (60% done) and do the 5 minute ab workout. It’s been a good exercise day – got through 30 minutes of an insanity workout, went on a 30 minute power walk to get some fresh air and I will round it up with an ab workout. I give myself a gold star for today 🙂