Getting started

On a recent trip back home, I realized how grateful I am to have so many amazing friends. I was inspired by how each of them is pursuing their dreams in very different but in equally determined ways. I started reflecting on my own life and I realized that like so many people I am afraid to fail. If I know I can succeed at something I will do it, but often I am too afraid to try. I am hoping that by writing down some of my goals and dreams, I will be more likely to follow through on them.

One of my overall goals is to be more fit. I realize I need to be much more specific if I am going to make any progress in this area. I don’t want it to be just about numbers, but about how I feel.  I still need to think about what I want my long-term goals to be, but I want to start by listing a few small goals for me to meet this week and to get this blog started.

–        Do the insanity workout 2 more times – (I did half of the first 2 workouts so far – I’m working my way up to completing the whole 40 minutes)

–        Meet with financial advisor (Financial independence is a long term goal but I need to start somewhere!)

–        Meditate 5x this week for 10 minutes

–        Find new recipes to try for next week

–        Do first assignment for French class (Working my way to being perfectly bilingual)

–        Visit naturopath

–        Do ab workout from Fitnessista 2x this week

Thank you for reading 🙂

XX Eli