November Air

I enjoy living in a city with 4 distinct seasons. November is my least favorite month, but even I can’t deny the lure of a grey day. Sure it helps that we are having unseasonably warm temperatures and yes I am lucky to have this rare Monday off, but November has its charms. The light is softer; the air is crisp and fresh and who doesn’t love slipping into a warm sweater and sipping a cup of hot tea. 

I managed to do the 5-minute ab buster workout this morning and 20 minutes of yoga. Not bad considering I am still very sore from attempting to do an insanity workout this past weekend. Aside from that it’s been a pretty lazy Monday. One thing we will do in the next 12 months is move out of our apartment. I am committed to this. We are going to see if we can get into the real estate market. If not, that’s OK – but we are moving to a bigger place. Our rent keeps going up and it’s getting really hard to justify the amount of money we are paying for our apartment.

In looking to see how much we can afford, I am looking at the differences between working with a bank VS a mortgage broker. There seems to be pros and cons to each. One thing I am reminded of when doing this type of research is that there is no right answer and that I am incredibly indecisive. My plan is to meet with a mortgage broker and at least 2 banks to see what each has to offer. 



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