Lovely Sunday.

I finally made the meatless lentil burgers from this clean eating recipe


I decided to use the red lentils I had at home so I knew ahead of time by burgers would come out a little different. This is what mine looked liked. Image

Overall they tasted a lot better than they looked, but if I ever make this recipe again I will use green or brown lentils. I would also make the patties thinner and brown them longer. I think the extra crunch would go a long way in improving the texture. I ate 2 for lunch with a side salad and it hit the spot  – especially after my morning workout.

Now we are making some home made chicken soup. yum! And I’ve also treated myself to a nice hot coco. It’s 4PM on Sunday and we still need to finish our thank you cards (60% done) and do the 5 minute ab workout. It’s been a good exercise day – got through 30 minutes of an insanity workout, went on a 30 minute power walk to get some fresh air and I will round it up with an ab workout. I give myself a gold star for today 🙂