Goodbye cookies & milk, Hello protein balls

I was on some kind of cooking high yesterday. After cleaning the kitchen and calling it a day I decided to go back and try my own version of fitnessista’s AmazeBallz. I stumbled upon Gina’s blog a couple weeks ago and she has a lot of great recipes. If you haven’t already – check it out.

My version of protein balls

½ cup of almond butter

Organic, gluten-free dark chocolate chips (wow these are $$)

1 tbsp. of organic, raw honey

½ cup of old fashioned olds

2 tbsp. of wheat germ

2 handfuls of Kashi® Whole Wheat Biscuits cereal (crumbled)

Cinnamon Harvest

2 tbsp. of bran

1 tbsp. of ground flaxseed

2 tbsp. of vanilla extract

1 tbsp. of pure maple syrup

Mix everything in a bowl. I used a wooden spoon for about 30 seconds before switching to my hands. If I was making a bigger batch I would have used my mixer. Roll mixture into small balls. I put mine in the freezer overnight and this morning transferred them to the fridge. and voila!

Eli's Protein Balls

Personally I found them too sweet. I could only eat one. I added the maple syrup because they weren’t sticking together, but I should have just added more almond butter. Also next time I’ll skip the vanilla extract. Aside from that they are really good. I crave sweets after dinner. Normally I have cookies and milk – like Every. Single. Night – I think this will be a good alternative.

I am super excited because I received notifications that people are actually reading my blog! For some reason I did not expect this to happen, at least not this quickly. So a question to “my readers” J do you have a protein ball recipe that you like? If you do, please share it. And of you try this one – let me know if you like it.

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