Tea For One

I have a little unexpected alone time this evening. Sometimes it’s nice to be by yourself. The TV is off, music is playing, tea is brewing…I’m happy J

I came home and immediately did a 20-minute cardio ab workout. It was short but intense.

I warmed up one of my meatless lentil burgers and paired it with a salad. I can’t take credit for the salad, J made it. It’s shredded yellow beets with pear, feta, mint and some other goodies. I should ask him for the recipe so I can post it here. I was still hungry afterwards so I had two protein balls. Yay for pre-planning my meals. Also my iphone camera sucks.

I bought so much brown rice last weekend. I was thinking of trying this raisin and spice brown rice recipe – only I would skip the raisins

I also came across this recipe for Root Vegetable Mash on the Frugal Feeding blog. Both recipes look like pretty straightforward side dishes that I could easily tackle.

It’s been about two weeks since I started actually thinking about what I am putting in my body and I am feeling a bit better. I still feel lethargic in the morning, but I am a bit more alert a work – thought at times still very distracted.

I am trying to relax because I have a big presentation tomorrow. Normally I don’t get too freaked out but I have to do it in French and that always makes me nervous.

Tea time.