Flubby? No. Try Fabulous!

I am feeling blah tonight and for the past 48 hours my thoughts have been so negative. I feel tired, out of shape and flubby – is flubby a word? I am being really hard on myself and I need to SHUT IT DOWN.  So here is some positive talk:

  • I did some form of exercise EVERY day this week.
  • Although I have yet to complete an entire insanity workout, I am still getting a good 20-25 minute cardio session in each night. They don’t call it INSANITY for nothing.
  • I pre-planned about 40% of my meals this week – that’s 40% more than I have in the past.
  • I started my holiday shopping and bought 3 small gifts.

I went shopping on my lunch hour. Lots of Canadian stores were having Black Friday deals so I thought I would check some out. I anticipated huge crowds, but instead I was greeted with this…


When i got home from work, I did a quick workout then I had a WINTER salad for dinner. Yellow beets, feta, tangerine slices, mint, lettuce, sauteed onions, olives, hot pepper infused olive oil…so yummy!



Well on that note, time to go chill out and let go of the negative thoughts. Tomorrow will be a better, more fabulous day. 


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