Sunday, Prepday

This morning I did the Insanity Pure Cardio workout. Well the first 25 minutes of it. I get so tired about 20-25 minutes in that I have trouble keeping good form. I hope my stamina starts to improve with time. Then we went out for brunch with a friend before going grocery shopping. Grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon is a BAD idea, the lines were so long and it wasn’t fun.

We usually reserve Sunday afternoon to prepping our meals for the week to come, by making 2 big dishes. One dish usually covers our lunches from Mon – Wed and the other one serves as our dinners.  By mid-week – we get “creative” (read: eggs, French toast) with our meals because we’ve run out of food.

We are trying to eat less meat, but when we do we buy local and organic. It’s $$ but we still manage (for the most part) to respect our grocery budget.  This week we bought a chicken, which we are going to roast. And for the side we are making Root Vegetable Mash.

The other dish we are going to prepare for our lunches is Giada’s Turkey, Kale and Brown Rice Soup. I am going to replace the turkey with quinoa. I have SOO much brown rice that I need to find new and interesting ways to use it.

As for exercise – it’s been 2 weeks since I started doing the insanity workout. My gym membership has expired and frankly I don’t want to shell out 500$ to renew it – at least not right now. We are sitting on a mountain of wedding debt and with Christmas around the corner, I am trying to put any extra $$ towards paying it down. Also I hope we will move out in the next 6 months and I doubt we’ll be staying in this neighborhood. That being said it takes an extra kind of motivation to workout at home. At least when I go the gym, the teacher motivates me to keep going. So this is my workout plan. I am writing it down in hopes that this simple act will hold me accountable:

  • Monday – Insanity – Pure Cardio
  • Tuesday – Insanity – Core Cardio Balance
  • Wednesday – Cardio – Recovery
  • Thursday – Cardio – Abs

I also want to squeeze in a bit of Christmas shopping on my lunch hours, although given my workload that might be a bit ambitious.