Saturday @ the Christmas Market

So far this has been a really great Saturday! We had a great breakfast – eggs, spinach, bacon, potatoes and organic whole grain bread. Then we headed off to the Christmas Market. LOVE. There were dozens of booths with unique gift ideas and crafts. There was even a ton of booths featuring great eats. This one caught my eye and made me a tad nostalgic for home – but I resisted. ImageBecause it was sooo cold (minus 10C) HOLY @!*# we were very focused on the task at hand; to buy Christmas gifts! There is a chocolate maker in this market that makes the best Mayan hot chocolate.  We picked up a few packets of this mix, plus a few other goodies to give to friends and family who will host us over the holidays. After the market, we went grocery shopping before heading home. We had a very nice lunch – bagels, smoked salmon and salad before squeezing in a workout. 

ImageI made it through the first 28 minutes of Insanity’s Plyometric Cardio Circuit Workout. The last time I did the workout, I only did 20 minutes. I am very careful to stop once I get tired and I can no longer keep my form. Even though I can’t finish it, it is getting “easier” each time. I don’t know if this workout will ever be easy.  I have never been a fan of cardio workouts, but it feels good to know that this workout is strengthening my heart. I need to remember that there are a lot of “non-visible” benefits to working out. 

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