Here’s to a dine-in, debt free December

I love Christmas. My sister, parents and I all live in different cities, so I really value any chance we get to be together. My mom has always made Christmas special and I have so many wonderful holiday memories. I know that I am blessed. J’s family never really cared about Christmas, so even though this will be our 9th Christmas together he is always amazed at just how INTO the holidays we get. Of course the holidays also mean we sometimes spend more money than we should. Between eating out, buying gifts, travelling (airfare!) & parties galore  – our credits cards get quite the workout. This year, we are trying to be extra careful. We are still paying down our wedding…and we hope to move into a bigger place next year. I really don’t want to be saddled with more debt in January.

So last night we came up with our holiday budget and we plan on sticking with it! There are certain things we can’t avoid – but there is a lot of stuff in our control. I’ve decided to join Fitnessista’s Dine In December Challenge. My goal is to eat in every day. I started yesterday and will keep up the challenge until December 23 – which is when we’ll travel to see my folks. We are leaving at 5AM and won’t arrive until well after 4PM their time, so I know we’ll need to eat airport food at some point. Although I do plan on bringing some snacks in my bag. I also have 2 work lunches planned between now and december 23.  But aside from that – I will do my very best to eat in every day. This of course means a lot of planning!

This morning we had french toast (yum!) before heading out to buy a couple Christmas gifts (so far we are within our budget!) I do however hate going to the mall, especially this time of year and now I have a horrible headache. This afternoon, we will do cooking and cleaning. Hopefully this headache passes and I can do another insanity workout.

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