Tea for Two – holiday gift ideas!

This year I am trying to put a little more effort and creativity into my Christmas gifts. This is partly due to the fact that we are on a strict budget, but more so because it’s a lot of fun! Sure my dad would love a Barnes and Noble gift card (which he’ll probably still get) but the real memories come from opening little thoughtful gifts.

Since I was a kid, my parents had “tea time”. After dinner my sister and I would clean up the kitchen while my parents (weather permitting) sat on front porch, drank tea and enjoyed each others company. Looking back, it was probably the one time during the day where they could be alone and catch up. My parents are not tea snobs, in fact any no name English breakfast or green tea will do. Last year I introduced them to loose leaf tea. My dad (bless him) thought it was too much of a production. Basically he didn’t want to have to clean the filter. So this year I decided to make them a variety of loose leaf tea blends (pre-bagged!)

I bought lots of different blends from the bulk health food store, tea bags (100 for only 6$) and got to work. I had a lot of fun creating the tags for each bag. depending on the properties and type of tea (Rooibos, Green, Black) I added personalized  tags to each one.


It was an easy, fun project. Now I just need to find a fun container to put them in. Do you have any unique home-made gift ideas?

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