Many companies, non-profits and even government agencies are downsizing. My workplace is not immune to this reality. Over the summer several positions were cut – about half in my city alone. I lost my job. To be called into an office and be told my position had been eliminated – well it was a shock.  I’ve been working here for almost 10 years. I do not want to relive the emotions I went through over the summer. In my case I was fortunate to get another job in a different department. That being said I still learned a few things.  

  • Never take your job for granted
  • Upgrade you skills every year
  • Network now – build relationships BEFORE you need them
  • A job is just a job. Have an identity outside of work
  • Never burn bridges
  • Live below your means and have a safety cushion

Our workplace is going from 3 floors to 2. I will be changing offices next week. I spent part of today cleaning and sorting through my files.   I found the most random stuff.Image

What I will miss the most are my office decorations. This was my welcome back after our wedding. I never took it down 😛ImageAs an extra treat today, our building hosted its annual holiday wine and cheese. Each year the spread gets better and better.

ImageHave you ever lost your job? How did you cope?

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